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  • Hum Dono Strings  
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  • Zinda (Live) Strings  
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  • Raga Bhoop - Bh.. ARUNKUMAR  
  • Laagal Lagan To.. Bejod Vol 1 Featurin..  
  • Aye Dil Bataa Oxygen On The Rocks  
  • Maye Meriye Manav Shaunki  
  • All Of Us - Nin.. Alobo Naga  
  • Najanay Kyun - .. Strings  
  • Bewafa Nahi Rick Saha  
  • Asli Maal Emcee Hasnain  
  • Andhe Hai Sab B.. Humsufi Band  
  • Tujh Bin Jeena Ujjwal Kashyap Feat...  
  • Abandoned By Go.. Vijay  
  • Kya Raaz Hai Tu.. Sherrin Varghese  
  • Broken World Salim-Sulaiman  
  • Abandoned By God – .. Vijay
  • Bewafa Nahi Rick Saha
  • Never Understood SuriLee
  • Maye Meriye Manav Shaunki
  • Artist Aloud Unplugg.. Aaron Sequeira
  • Aankhon Mein Nami Manish Sharma
  • Unmeiyal Vesham Sam Systematic Seelan
  • Mere Hindustan Abhishek Mishra Ft. Piyas..
  • Come Back Home Alobo Naga and The Band
  • Krishna Chants Pankaj Udhas
  • Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zind.. Sherrin Varghese
  • Dont Know SuriLee
  • The Ajay Gehi Show -.. Ajay Gehi
  • Artist Aloud Unplugg.. Elen & Vivek
  • Tu Chul Viidhii Upadhyay
  • SHA LA LA Preety Bhalla Featuring I..
  • Sun Toh Zara Hiroo Thadani
  • Lehra Tiranga Hard Kaur
  • Mehnat Aur Hustle Sumit Dinkar Suvarna
  • Muntazir Strings


  •   Chhath Vol 3 Palak Muchhal & Amit Mish..
  •   Chalay Jaa Raha.. Adnan Jaffar
  •   Chalay Jaa Raha.. Adnan Jaffar
  •   Dil Jogia Adnan Jaffar
  •   Khwab Jayi Adnan Jaffar
  •   Jawaab AD Singh
  •   Premachya Khuna Vaibhav Londhe
  •   Hosh mein KAIVALYA AEKAR
  •   Zinda (Live) Strings
  •   Aigiri Nandini Sanjeevani Bhelande
  •   Succumbing2urCh.. Piyush Gupta
  •   Dobaara Piyush Gupta
  •   Miley Kyun Rajat Chandra
  •   Hum Dono Strings
  •   Raga Bhoop - Bh.. ARUNKUMAR
  •   Aaeeb Geliyo Pa.. Bejod Vol 1 Featuring Var..
  •   Holi Hamraa Naa.. Bejod Vol 1 Featuring Var..
  •   Saari Saari Rat.. Bejod Vol 1 Featuring Var..
  •   Kakrol Buniya Bejod Vol 1 Featuring Var..


  • “I think this is a great way of encouraging new talent and giving people a voice, I think that's what Artist Aloud is doing and that's beautiful.”

    PRIYANKA CHOPRA Actor & Singer
  • “Today nobody supports or promotes the independent artist & as a consequence good talent suffers. I am extremely happy that ArtistAloud.com is supporting & giving them a platform for promotion & I give them my aashirvaad wholeheartedly.”

    ASHA BHOSLE Singer
  • “Artist Aloud is the kind of platform I was looking for when I came to Mumbai to become a singer. Infact I wouldn't have had to come to Mumbai and take such a huge risk without any basic work here.”

    SONU NIGAM Singer
  • “Artist Aloud is keeping my music alive and kicking! Great platform, full of heart. Congratulations and all the best.”

    SUNEETA RAO Singer
  • “A Big Congratulations to all at Artist Aloud, for completing 5 glorious years. A true platform to help all musicians reach out there and be heard. WE have been associated from the beginning and highly recommend for ALL musicians to be so as well, all the very best, you guys r doing a brilliant job, cheers.”