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Neerja Pandit | Kashmir ft. Anupam Kher | OFFICIAL Music Video| KASHMIRI FOLK Song 2015

Kashmir, once known as heaven on earth, now has its denizens scattered around with the advent of

Artist Aloud Top 20

  • 1
    Kashmir ft. Anupam Kher
    Neerja Pandit
  • 2
    Sunder Sapno Ki
    Pankaj Udhas
  • 3
    Naina Jaage
    Rimi Basu Sinha
  • 4
    Namaste India
    Salim Sulaiman
  • 5
    Drama Queen
    Veena Malik
  • 6
    Neeti Mohan
  • 7
    Thanda Pani
    SSG Season 2
  • 8
    Duma Dum Mast Qalandar
    Aabha Hanjura
  • 9
    Sherrin Varghese
  • 10
    Dil Jaley
    Coke Studio Season 8
  • 11
    But It Rained
  • 12
    Backward track
    White Mug
  • 13
    Morning Glory
    Namrata Nath
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
    Moonrocker (Original Mix)
  • 17
    Mool Mantra
    OZ - Out Of Control
  • 18
    Ab Toh Jaag
    Deepa Nair Rasiya
  • 19
    Mori Chaina
    Sanket Sane Feat. Prajakta & The Violin Conviction
  • 20
    Mumbai Night
    The Human Tower Ensemble


Sonu Nigam
Artist Aloud is the kind of platform I was looking for when I came to Mumbai to become a singer. Infact I wouldn't have had to come to Mumbai and take such a huge risk without any basic work here.
Suneeta Rao
Artist Aloud is keeping my music alive and kicking! Great platform, full of heart. Congratulations and all the best❤️😘 Suneeta Rao
Subir Malik - Parikrama
A Big Congratulations to all at Artist Aloud, for completing 5 glorious years. A true platform to help all musicans reach out there and be heard. WE have been associated from the beginning and highly recommend for ALL musicans to be so as well, all the very best, you guys r doing a brillant job, cheers.

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