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Guru Poornima Special

From Mirza Galib to Baba Bulleh Shah, a tribute to the most significant spiritual and academic teachers of all time.

Artist Aloud Top 20

  • 1
  • 2
    Coke Studio Season 8
  • 3
    Kinara / Sapnon Ka Sheher
    Zohaib Kazi
  • 4
    Woh Pal
    Tripet Garielle
  • 5
    Jay R
  • 6
  • 7
    Chasing Ghosts Feat. Moto
    Alobo Naga
  • 8
    Shakti Sivamani
  • 9
    Do This Till My Death
    Mumbai's Finest
  • 10
    JohnMpamei & The Band
  • 11
    You knew I was trouble
    Divya Krishnan
  • 12
    Let me in
    Mohit Mukhi
  • 13
    Time To Go
    Dream Alive
  • 14
    Kehna Tha Tumse..Wahi
    Anurag Dixit
  • 15
    Not Just Binny
  • 16
    Keep Going
    Brotha Hood
  • 17
    Jungle Jack
    BOMBOY - Jungle Jack Ft. OZ & Ncube
  • 18
    Baahon Mein
    Gilbert Chettiar
  • 19
    Tum Sang
    Swapnil Mistry and Anwesshaa
  • 20
    Sraboni Chaudhuri


Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra
Actor, Singer
I think this is a great way of encouraging new talent and giving people a voice, I think that's what Artist Aloud is doing and that's beautiful.
Asha Bhosle
Asha Bhosle
Today nobody supports or promotes the independent artiste & as a consequence good talent suffers. I am extremely happy that ArtistAloud.com is supporting & giving them a platform for promotion & I give them my aashirvaad wholeheartedly.
Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam
Artist Aloud is the kind of platform I was looking for when I came to Mumbai to become a singer. Infact I wouldn't have had to come to Mumbai and take such a huge risk without any basic work here.
Suneeta Rao
Suneeta Rao
Artist Aloud is keeping my music alive and kicking! Great platform, full of heart. Congratulations and all the best❤️😘 Suneeta Rao
Subir Malik - Parikrama
Subir Malik - Parikrama
A Big Congratulations to all at Artist Aloud, for completing 5 glorious years. A true platform to help all musicans reach out there and be heard. WE have been associated from the beginning and highly recommend for ALL musicans to be so as well, all the very best, you guys r doing a brillant job, cheers.

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