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#AAMA2014Finale | Announcement

What a Turnaround on #TheBigDay! The 4th edition of ARTIST ALOUD MUSIC AWARDS! Artist Aloud Music Awards better known as AAMA, is an annual property, initiated in the year 2010, where independent artists who are featured on Artist Aloud are felicitated for their creations in the field of music.

Artist Aloud Top 20

  • 1
    Roshwalla Myayeini Dil...
    Aabha Hanjura
  • 2
    Bachpan Ki Badami Yadein
    Ali Haider
  • 3
    Maye Ni
    Jasleen Royal
  • 4
    Jasbir Jassi
  • 5
    Aai Re Barkha Ritu
    Sanjay K. Ft. Various Artist
  • 6
    This Feels Right
    Ujjayinee Roy
  • 7
    In The Name Of
  • 8
    Sajni Tu Hai
    Ayaz Ismail ft. Vaibhav Sheth
  • 9
    ITIDA ft. Rahul Mishra & Various Artists
  • 10
    Himali Vyas Naik
  • 11
  • 12
    Door Kusum
    Sanjay K. Ft. Various Artist
  • 13
    Tere Bin
    Nitz Kakkar
  • 14
    Shiva Tandava Stotram
  • 15
    Piya Kahe Tu
    Nigel / Madhuparna
  • 16
    Rock Veda
  • 17
    Kannil Thondrum
    Dr. Pasupathi
  • 18
    Aasai Mugam Marandhu...
    Parasu Kalyan
  • 19
    Monsoon Reign -- Kahe B...
  • 20
    Sangeet Har Kahin


Sonu Nigam
Artist Aloud is the kind of platform I was looking for when I came to Mumbai to become a singer. Infact I wouldn't have had to come to Mumbai and take such a huge risk without any basic work here.
Suneeta Rao
Artist Aloud is keeping my music alive and kicking! Great platform, full of heart. Congratulations and all the best❤️😘 Suneeta Rao
Subir Malik - Parikrama
A Big Congratulations to all at Artist Aloud, for completing 5 glorious years. A true platform to help all musicans reach out there and be heard. WE have been associated from the beginning and highly recommend for ALL musicans to be so as well, all the very best, you guys r doing a brillant job, cheers.

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