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  • Piya Milan Ki A.. Band of Bandagi  
  • Unwanted - Zind.. Jaganjot Randhawa  
  • Alonely Paloma Majumder & Ad..  
  • Urr Jaoon Strings  
  • Bandishein YAJ  
  • Udne Do Ajna  
  • Bulleya DJ Shaan Featuring J..  
  • Sajni Strings  
  • Maan Dagar Daga.. Band of Bandagi  
  • Tu Mil Gaya | S.. Shirley Setia  
  • Jagga Chintoo Singh Wasir  
  • Tum Mere Saamne.. Tauseef Akhtar  
  • Sone Piya Band of Bandagi  
  • Sajna Raghu Dixit  
  • The Love Letter Imcha Imchen  
  • Sanwarey Faraz Khosa  
  • Tumhe Bhool Na .. Anurag Dixit  
  • PIYA Vimal Gupta  
  • Took The Words Erick Blu  
  • Chain D-BOY  
  • Piya Milan Ki Aas Band of Bandagi
  • Unwanted - Zindaa Jaganjot Randhawa
  • Lamhe Faraz Khosa
  • Urr Jaoon Strings
  • Bulleya DJ Shaan Featuring Jasbir..
  • Sone Piya Band of Bandagi
  • Tu Mil Gaya | Swipe .. Shirley Setia
  • Dhadkan D-BOY
  • Sajni Strings
  • Yaar Manjave Faraz Khosa
  • Jiya Jaye Na Euphoria
  • Dukh Mein Sumiram Chintoo Singh Wasir
  • Allahu Akbar Strings
  • Ranjish Hi Sahi Strings
  • Such A Beardo Such A Beardo Remix by DJ..
  • Jam With Amika - Zin.. Amika Shail
  • Superstar Mili Soch Feat. Sara G
  • Eid Wali Raat Manav Shaunki
  • Muntazir Strings
  • Sherni Hard Kaur


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  • Maan Dagar Dagar Band of Bandagi
  • Piya Milan Ki Aas Band of Bandagi
  • Aitebaar N/A
  • Aarzoo N/A
  • Hamesha N/A
  • Bolo Bolo N/A
  • Chaahy Sau Saal N/A
  • Bezubaan N/A
  • Junoon N/A
  • Chaap Tilak N/A
  • Mujh Say Dur N/A
  • Main Shah N/A
  • Sawali N/A
  • Raag Neela N/A
  • Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar N/A
  • Main Hoon N/A
  • Kalab N/A
  • Yaara N/A
  • Pindi Boys N/A
  • Alif Allah N/A


  • “I think this is a great way of encouraging new talent and giving people a voice, I think that's what Artist Aloud is doing and that's beautiful.”

    PRIYANKA CHOPRA Actor & Singer
  • “Today nobody supports or promotes the independent artist & as a consequence good talent suffers. I am extremely happy that is supporting & giving them a platform for promotion & I give them my aashirvaad wholeheartedly.”

    ASHA BHOSLE Singer
  • “Artist Aloud is the kind of platform I was looking for when I came to Mumbai to become a singer. Infact I wouldn't have had to come to Mumbai and take such a huge risk without any basic work here.”

    SONU NIGAM Singer
  • “Artist Aloud is keeping my music alive and kicking! Great platform, full of heart. Congratulations and all the best.”

    SUNEETA RAO Singer
  • “A Big Congratulations to all at Artist Aloud, for completing 5 glorious years. A true platform to help all musicians reach out there and be heard. WE have been associated from the beginning and highly recommend for ALL musicians to be so as well, all the very best, you guys r doing a brilliant job, cheers.”