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ArtistAloud.com, launched on 7th Jan 2010 as a distribution platform has evolved today into a full-fledged media cum distribution platform that not only makes content available for download as full songs but also promotes the artist through various innovative concepts that include online and offline elements. Appointment viewership on digital media has been one of our most pioneering concepts with programs like WebCert, TGIRF, LaunchCast, etc.

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ArtistAloud.com provides a distribution platform where in the user can buy content he is listening. However, the buck doesn't stop here. As an extended opportunity to the Artist, we also distribute the content licensed to us through various distribution platforms on the digital spectrum on a global level such as:
1. Internet: International digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, etc.
2. Mobile: Domestic and International operators
3. DTH Tata Sky


We at ArtistAloud.com believe that the only way the Independent Artist will get his due is by being able to reach out to his fan. We also believe that as much as the conventional route of marketing is still the most preferred approach it is also necessary to market to the consumer directly. So ArtistAloud.com promises a 360degree approach to it.
1. Television
2. Radio
3. Internet
4. Mobile
5. DTH
6. Live Events


ArtistAloud.com understands that music is consumed more when heard and what better way than through a live performance. So we take the initiative to promote the music from our artists by our artists through live gigs where we build the instant demand for music by the consumer then and there through his mobile or internet. This is convergence at its hilt.....
1. Promo Tours
2. ArtistAloud.com Nights
3. Paid Shows

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ArtistAloud is a platform for both, Independent music makers and fans of Independent music. We promote Musicians, Bands, Singers, Composers, Instrumentalists, etc. who create popular non film music and help them distribute their original music, enabling them reach out to their fans. And for the fans, we offer a huge library of songs and music videos that’s diverse in Genre, Language and style, making it suitable for tastes of all kind! Be it Indie pop, Hindi rock, Regional music or International artists. In simple words, ArtistAloud is where you can download the best music content in the quickest and the cheapest way. more

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