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Prarthana Cho..

Genre: Rock
Language: Hindi
  Kaisi Khudgarzi

Grey Area

Genre: Alternative
Language: English
  Love to Hate Yo...
  Too Much Love
  Little Lives

Hammer n Thong!

Genre: Rock
Language: English
  You make my kne...


Genre: Hip Hop
Language: Hindi,Gujarati,M...
  Get It Now
  The Mumbai Cyph...


Genre: Country Rock,Ind...
Language: Hindi,Bengali
  Jhora Palok
  Jokhhon Moner K...

Franky Vij

Genre: Rock
Language: Hindi
  Saath… Ft. Mo...

Twist To Brea..

Genre: Rock
Language: English

Sumit Singh

Genre: Pop
Language: Hindi

Alap Desai

Genre: Ghazal
Language: Hindi
  Main Jise Odhta...
  Ek Kabutar
  Basti Mein Hai

Mauj Maharaja

Genre: Hindi Rock
Language: Hindi
  Rocket (feat. R...
  Yeh Dil (feat. ...
  Listen Up! (fea...


Genre: Rock
Language: Hindi
  Aais Pais Dhapp...

Shekhar B. Ca..

Genre: Hip Hop
Language: Marathi
  Kolhapur Rap An...

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