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Darshit Nayak
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Hi! I am Darshit Nayak, a Singer-Songwriter from Ahmedabad, a Computer Engineer by qualification who was never ready to accept that life is supposed to be spent doing mundane tasks and to die without any significant impact on anyone's life.

It was my passion which has driven me from Java & C programming to Music Production on digital audio workstations. I started composing when I was in 2nd year of my college, back then I had no idea about music production, slowly and steadily my interest in engineering started fading away and my curiosity to learn new things started showing me the ways in which I could learn & set up a small recording environment at home to satisfy my creative urge.

Not a very big fan of tv reality shows, I have decided to find my own way to success, and slowly but steadily I believe I am moving on the right track. I hope to leave an impression on your mind by my music and will try my best not to fade away in case I succeed to grab your attention, because the best of me is yet to come.

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28th Oct | 11.53

nice voice

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