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Genre: Alternative Pop   |   Language: Sanskrit, English
Geetu Hinduja
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Geetu Hinduja believes that music should be a celebration of life, with all its strife and struggle, joys and pleasures. The Mumbai-based singer/songwriter, who has been performing for over two decades, navigates through the musical terrains of contemporary folk, pop and soft rock with ease, bringing to her music a flavor that’s entirely her own. Accompanied by just a guitar, Geetu tells vivid, evocations stories in her songs that instantly transport the listener to the landscape of her mind.

Geetu has trained formally in Indian classical music under Neela Bhagwat and Bhajans under P.D. Jalota. She has also trained under renowned jazz vocalist and composer Mili Bermejo and sung with well-known Mumbai choir Stop Gaps. While her education in music has honed her skills and sensibilities, it is from life that she draws her inspiration – her hopes and dreams, the struggle to belong, and her identity as a women in Indian society. From Rumi’s poetry to reflections of Mumbai’s street life, from Adi Shankaracharya’s contemplation of the self to the hypocrisy of modern life – all of it finds expression in her powerful voice and instantly memorable melodies.

Dancing Free, Geetu’s debut album, was released in 1993. Now, nineteen long years after her first, she’s getting ready to release her second effort titled Hope Faith Time & Me which showcases her musical and philosophical evolution. Geetu has also begun touring and performing in earnest and her repertoire includes her originals as well as covers of artists that have informed and inspired her music, including Joan Baez, Natalie Merchant, Dido, Suzanne Vega, Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette and Bonnie Raitt. Her performances include appearances the prestigious Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai, the Celebrate Bandra Festival, the International Aids Conference in Mumbai, The Blue Frog, Mumbai, TLR Café, Delhi, Max Mueller Bhavan for the Pune Jazz Club and the NGMA, Mumbai.

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