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Midnight Garden Factor

Genre: Alternative Rock   |   Language: English
Midnight Garden Factor
Between The Devil ....
Between The Devil ....

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The band MIDNIGHT GARDEN FACTOR was formed in October 2007. The band compromises of Andrew on vocals, Bari on guitar, Rupert on bass and Noel Karthak Lepcha on drums.

The guys came together to from the band for their love for progressive music and some of their influences are bands like Rush, Symphony X, Circus Maximus, Dream Theater, Dave Matthews band, Porcupine Tree.

The band made its first debut appearance at the Hornbill Music National Rock contest on December 2007 and bagged the 2nd runner’s up prize. Henceforth the band had been working on more of their original music and has been performing in and around Meghalaya. In October of 2009 the band had the honour of being one of the opening bands for Mr.Big in Shillong.The band’s latest achievement was in March 2010  when  they were crowned as the first ‘MEGHALAYA ICONS’ and are also the current Brand Ambassadors of MEGHALAYA AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY .

Lately the band has included its newest member Mrinmoy on keyboards to enhance their music to the next level.

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