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My mother's womb had for my comfort, Bang and Olufsen speakers, some instruments, ummm, like the guitar, the piano, the classical violin that played sweet melodies to me in the 9 months I was inside her. And that sowed a dream in me.

I was meant to make my own music, from the day I was conceived, I think. People say, I came trained from my original home, the Almighty's lap till I was dropped into the haven of my parents who knew from day 1 that I had something, something deep, something special for this world of music. I'd ace all music grades, win every competition, sing in my sleep, dance while I walked and play the piano in air when I was doing nothing.

Every day since then, I had only one dream, of making my own song. And finally came 7th Aug 2012, when my steps fell on the floors of YRF studios where my idols have sung a million songs. I immediately felt that belongingness, as if I was always meant to be there. The rockstar was born in me long ago, while I sang on the same stage with the biggest names in the industry. But it was now time, I made a mark for myself, a milestone that was waiting to be crossed. I proceeded towards the recording room, and stood, frozen. Vijay told me "This is your home, feel comfortable and just sing". This is it. The moment I waited for 24 years was finally here.

Gaurang and Vaibhav were with me, to ease me, to tell me that I'd crack it. And then there was no looking back. 3 days, and I had my own song in hand. The biggest milestone achieved. Now I know what satisfaction means. It doesn't mean to have a million rupees in your account. It means, seeing your biggest dream come true.

Go on guys, Dream, make it big. Follow your heart, your passion. Cause, this is it. Today is all you have.

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23rd May | 16.19

Aap aisa Geet gao dil jitlo har kisi ka .... Sab bus aap ke hi Geet gun gunate rahe....Geet sunke "Once More" bar bar dohrate rahe....

24th May | 20.25

Superb !!

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