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ROCK VEDA is a Progressive Fusion Band, which truly believes in the power of music. The Band coalesces the natural emotion of Indian Classical with a creative contemporary mix, belting out scintillating & heart hitting original compilations for music aficionados. Sufi to earthy music or from Hindustani to fusion Music..

Rock Veda has recently bagged The Best Genre- Fusion Category Award in the 3rd season of ARTIST ALOUD AWARDS. The Band also shares the credit of being nominated in The Best Band Category for EC Live Quotient Awards, Dec. 2012.

Kabul with his Band created magic through their music at prestigious festivals like the JAIPUR LITERATURE FESTIVAL, WORLD SUFI SPIRIT FESTIVAL at Jodhpur, SPRING FEVER FESTIVAL IHC, New Delhi, Amarrass Dessert Festival’ 2012,at Zorba-Delhi where heritage and culture was shared through music amongst all.
Kabul and his Band Members

He loves to fly and that too on a musical note. Kabul, a singing sensation is the vocalist of the band. Kabul is trained under singing maestro Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan Saheb. With a strong Indian Classical Music training, this versatile singer carries the fame for many solo shows and has been intensively involved at various levels of singing. He got the blessings to share the stage with Maestros like Shafqat Amanat Ali, Parikrama and many more. Kabul’s versatile voice easily transcends from Hindustani Classical to Soulful Sufi, Raw Earthiness of Folk to the foot tapping popular chartbusters.

Fateh Ali Khan is a well known name in sitar in the world of Indian classical music. He has taken his music all over India and also around the world. He created a new story in his book of success when he performed with Lady Gaga recently in India. He is a Sitar player of the Band who recreates the music into magic.

Vishal is a rhythm specialist. Vishal’s drumming skills have been admired and applauded at several live concerts across India. Vishal has been able to reach pinnacle of success at an early on stage of his journey and has been playing with the most revered artists in the Music circuit. To name a few: Farhan Akhtar, Ali Zafar, Aditi Singh Sharma amongst the others.

Kamal is a keyboard player, who has been conquering the Delhi Music Circuit quite well, while spreading his prowess on the national level. His love for the keyboard is seen in skill full renditions of almost any genre. He soon got involved in musical experiments ranging from choir, fusion, rock, Indian classical and many more.

Jayant at Bass started playing at a mere age of 18. He got an opportunity to play with renowned bands and artists and also attended the prestigious "swarnbhoomi academy of music”, studying under some of the best musicians from around the world. Jayant with his passion for music not only has enthralled the audiences here in the country but also at gigs in Singapore, Malaysia and much more…

Shubhanshu prefers letting his guitar talk in the music concerts. Started playing guitar at the age of 13, Shubhanshu has been widely recognized for his stunning playing. The sheer quantum of his guitar talent never fails to leave the hardest of critics spellbound with his melodic and technical approach.
Amaan Ali has an uncanny knack of striking an instant rapport with audience. Charismatic performer that he is, he can easily mesmerize the audience with his innovative skills and dexterity. He has also accompanied many eminents artists like:- Smt. Shubha Mudgal ji, Begum Abida parveen, Shri Yesudas ji amongst the others.

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