Genre: Mordern Indian Folk   |   Language: Assamese, Rajasthani
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Asi Kali

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SUR is an amalgamation of diverse studio musicians who have come together to create a
symphony – a synthesis of rare and unique fusion sounds.

The brain behind the Glam Slam Recording Studios, Suresh Mendoza had always wanted to
form a Fusion/Funk setup. The originals are tunes which had been secretly tucked away while
composing music for corporate audio-visuals and advertising jingles for over a decade, finally
finding their true calling on ‘stage’ rather than the TV.

The idea of SUR took shape when Suresh met Arunima Bhattacharya while she was recording a
jingle at Glam Slam. Already a popular professional singer/performer within the live circuit,
Arunima has performed across the country and abroad to much acclaim. She infuses SUR with a
distinctive folk element, singing in a variety of languages.

Glenn Fernandes (guitars) and Suresh’s association goes back to the time they first played
together in college. Before coming together as SUR, both have performed live with other
bands. With Glenn, the band acquires a characteristic Rock Crunch with overtones of thick
chordal arrangement for ballads. A versatile artiste, Glenn is entirely in his element, both on
stage and in the studio.

Bosco Fernandez (keyboards) is a familiar face within Mumbai’s live circuit, and does regular
sessions for the Advertising industry and Bollywood. He brings in an orchestrated and funky
Hammond sound to the band and is adept at various genres of music, be it Jazz, Funk, Rock,
Pop, Classical or Bollywood. He has more than 20 years of live experience. Bosco and Glenn
have previously played together in the same band.

Trained under the tutelage of Pandit Hari Prasad Chourasia, Shashank Acharya complements
the western chord progressions of the guitars and keys to smoothly blend in a ‘pahadi’, ethnic
feel to the melody of SUR on the Bansuri (Indian flute).

Fresh off the plane from London, Nitin Ramesh studied the intricacies of drumming at the Tech
Music School. Extremely comfortable with odd time signatures, Nitin is full of rhythmic ideas,
constantly experimenting and contributing to rhythm patterns for SUR.

On the Indian side of SUR’s rhythmic horizon, professional Tabla player Gautam Sharma
studied the Tabla at the Allah Rakha Institue of Music. Gautam brings with him an exceptionally
intrinsic, yet international rhythm, playing a number of African and Indian instruments.

SUR’s high-energy sound is definitely an experience something to watch out for, with the
diverse yet complementary talents blending their individual expertise and musical aesthetic to
form one collective youthful whole.

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