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Swarathma is a Bangalore (India) based contemporary folk-fusion band that represents the sound of today’s India: rooted in tradition, yet with sights set firmly on the world. The sound is Indian folk and Classical with Reggae, Blues and Jazz in a blend that is one-of-a-kind.

Swarathma released 2 albums on EMI in 2009, and have worked with the legendary John Leckie (Raidohead, Muse). They swept the Jack Daniels Indian Rock Awards 2009 winning Band, Song and Album of the Year. The band is known for a visually electric interactive stage act featuring folk-horses and Nehru Topis. This act won over audiences at top festivals such as Lovebox and Larmer Tree Festivals in London and Awtar Festival in Morocco. They have traveled to Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore as well.

Swarathma first music video 'Pyaasi' was launched in May 2010, which also featured the voice of Hindustani classical legend Shubha Mudgal, who collaborated with them on the track. Funded by the Gibson Foundation and the Global Water Challenge, it speaks of the fragility of watertold through a story of contrasts. AcademyAward nominated filmmaker ShekharKapur was creativeconsultant to the video that was shot in the wind-sweptarid desert land of Rajasthan.

Previously this year, Swarathmaembarked on the ten-city ‘Rest Less Tour’ to mark the launch of their second studio album titled Topiwalleh. They were also featured on iconic TV series The Dewaristswhere they once again collaborated with Shubha Mudgal.

The band comprises of Vasu Dixit (vocals and rhythm guitar), Pavan Kumar KJ (percussion and vocals), Montry Manuel (drums), Varun (lead guitar and vocals), SanjeevNayak (violin and vocals) and JishnuDasgupta (bass guitar and vocals).


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