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Coke Studio S..

Genre: Classical,Contem...
Language: Urdu,Punjabi,Pas...
  Khakhi Banda
  Dilruba Na Raaz...
  Tu Hi Tu

Hard Kaur

Genre: Hip Hop
Language: Hindi

James Basnet

Genre: Christian,Religi...
Language: English
  His Promises
  Lord I'm a...

Sam Systemati..

Genre: Rock
Language: Tamil
  Unmeiyal Vesham

Sunil Kumar S..

Genre: Ghazals
Language: Hindi,Urdu

Diipjoy Sircar

Genre: Devotional
Language: Hindi,Sanskrit
  Sri Ram Chandra...
  Mangala Bhavana
  Sri Krishna Gov...


Genre: Emotional,Pop,Wo...
Language: Hindi,English,Ar...
  Broken World

Jay R

Genre: R&B
Language: Punjabi

Alobo Naga

Genre: Pop
Language: English
  Chasing Ghosts ...

Shakti Sivamani

Genre: Pop
Language: Tamil
  Un Paarvayil

Divya Krishnan

Genre: Pop
Language: English
  You knew I was ...

Dream Alive

Genre: Rock
Language: English
  Drifting Away
  Time To Go
  What We're...


Genre: Hip Hop,Rap
Language: Hindi,Gujarati,M...
  Beta Baap Aaye ...
  What you Talkin...
  Do This Till My...

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